Send your data to any reporting tool

Explore all of your marketing data from one spot — giving you the ability to identify and share game-changing insights. 


No coding needed


Choose EU or US data handling

Achieve automated dashboards and reliable reports.

Over 2000 data-driven companies trust us to make their lives easier.

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This is why marketers love Funnel

Data Marketing Analytics

No more manual reporting

No more manual downloads and complicated formulas, let Funnel do the heavy lifting for you.


It’s always easy to work with data

We believe marketers should be able to use their data without data teams, coding or hours in spreadsheets.


Better return on investment

Get the full picture of your marketing efforts so you can improve performance, spend smarter and drive growth.

How do we do it?


Bring in your data from 500+ marketing platforms.


Automate the data cleaning and organising. No coding required.


Send fresh data where you want, whenever you want.

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If you're a serious multi-market e-commerce player, you can't work without Funnel.

Patrik Segersven

Head of Paid Search & Analytics

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Creating dashboards is all automated now, which is helping me more efficiently find wins and losses. Stakeholders are also much happier now that my reporting is more buttoned-up and readily available.

Shan Mahmood

Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Increase in return on advertising spend (ROAS)



Saved in costs since 2018 due to Funnel



Saved by automated reporting each week



Begin your journey to data-driven marketing with Funnel's Free plan.

  • 350 flexpoints max capacity
  • Choose from 230+ core connectors
    Funnel core connectors
  • Choose from 3 destinations


Tap into the power of the marketing data hub, with capacity tailored for smaller deployments.

Starting from
$ 400
USD/month Billed annually
Book a demo
  • 700 flexpoints base capacity
  • Choose from 230+ core connectors
    Funnel core connectors
  • Choose from 3 destinations


Experience rock-solid business intelligence and powerful connectivity. 

Starting from
$ 1100
USD/month Billed annually
Book a demo
  • 1000 flexpoints base capacity
  • Choose from 230+ core connectors
    Funnel core connectors
  • Choose from 9 destinations
    9 destinations
  • Up to 3 custom connectors
  • Guided standard setup
  • Multiple workspaces
  • User roles and permissions


Designed for organizations operating at scale with personalized, advanced onboarding.

  • 1500 flexpoints base capacity
  • Choose from 230+ core connectors
  • Choose from 10 destinations
  • Up to 10 custom connectors
  • Guided advanced setup
  • Multiple workspaces
  • User roles and permissions
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Data region choice (EU or US)
  • Customer Success Partner
  • Technical Advisory Program
  • Multi-entity usage

Data guarantee

If we don't have your platform in our library, we’ll build the integration - that's our data guarantee.


All of your data

Always have the most up-to-date data at your fingertips, and access to all your raw historical data.


Data always reliable

Our platform has a 99.9% up time so you never have to worry about not having automated up-to-date reports.

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Pricing adapted to your needs

Flexpoints measures usage of Funnel, primarily based on the number of data sources and destinations in use. Each Funnel plan comes with a starting number of flexpoints and you also have the ability to add more as needed in each plan.

How do flexpoints benefit me?
Instead of a one-size-fits-all pricing, we let you pay only for the features you use. Flexpoints offer you the flexibility to allocate or reallocate resources as needed, empowering you to adapt and optimize your marketing reporting seamlessly.

What features require flexpoints?

Data sources
Data visualisation
Data warehouse
Additional workspaces

With Funnel, you get access to 230+ out-of-the-box integrations. Think Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and more. We also custom-build integrations on demand.

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Data sources

Your number of ad accounts, GA properties, breakdowns and other sources you connected. Whether you have one, hundreds or thousands of data sources we got you covered.

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Data visualisation

Platforms where your data can be used directly for reporting and analysis. e.g Tableau, PowerBI, Looker Studio

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Data warehouse

Send data to your data warehouse of choice. e.g BigQuery, Snowflake, AWS S3

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Additional workspaces

Workspaces in Funnel gives complete control of data and user access. This is perfect for upholding security standards, meeting compliance needs, and for agencies managing multiple clients who require separated data.

Any questions regarding flexpoints?

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